There’s a big difference between existing and living. At Outdoor Performance Apparel, we’re pretty big on living. Grabbing every moment we can, to be outdoors. Fishing. Hunting. Diving. Or scouting for the next trip. You name it. If it’s outdoors, we’ll be there.

Think of your favorite outdoor lifestyle companies. They probably have one thing in-common: They were founded by folks who loved the outdoors and needed products that worked for them. They didn’t use studies to find their target customers. Because they WERE the target customers.

Outdoor Performance Apparel is one of those companies. Every day, in one way or another, we’re on the water or in the woods. And when we’re inside, the only thing we’re thinking about, is getting back at it. If you’ve gotten this far, we know you know the feeling.

Our raving fans are more than happy to tell us — and more often show us – just how our products complement the lives they lead. If it’s outdoors, you’ll find us there. Right alongside you… LIVE LIFE